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Making Money off the BBNaija Frenzy as a Big Business


Ever wondered why Big Companies throng to sponsor shows like Big Brother Naija? Since its debut in 2006, the show has continually garnered consistent growth in viewership endearing giant brands like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Payporte, Bet9ja, Legend and many others such as Mai Atafo, Yomi Casuals, with a few more others joining the fray. The major selling point for the show amidst the possibility it presents to the contesting housemates of winning the start prize which continually keeps becoming tantalizing with each passing season, brands and corporate entities see it as a golden opportunity to advertise and reinforce their corporate image to the world.

Payporte who had been the previous sponsors of the last episode of BBNaija had its CEO explain some of the advantages it started to enjoy by being the lead sponsor of the show. From revenue sharing, to sell of license rights to order spike being an e-commerce website it has continually enjoyed a positive impact on its business due to this sole reason.

As a business, therefore, keying into this frenzy which has become the new normal is not an absurd thing to do. For a show that commands as much as xxx viewership from the BBNaija  DSTV Channel, xxx traffic on the several social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Instant Messengers like Whatsapp) the proof of the pie is in the pudding.

Depending on the category your business might fall in, Bet9ja which has won the lead sponsorship for the show with a disclosed sum of about N1.08 billion naira clearly is not in it for jokes. Whether you’re a big business or in the influencer business, clearly these several niches have a spot to occupy to boost their revenue stream, especially during the season when the BBNaija show is aired.

For big businesses who can afford the advert cost of high traffic sites like the BBNaija Channel, putting out your adverts on the show is a good avenue to reinforce your brand out there for the viewers of the show to see.

For Small Businesses who might not have the financial muscle of advertising on the BBNaija network, there are cheaper ways to leverage on the humongous traffic happening in terms of conversation on social media to promote your brand. Read extensively on How small Business Owners Can take advantage of Big Brother Naija. While small businesses may either be product or service-oriented, as outlined in the article cited above, the major goal is applying time tested principles to ensure the part of the season for the non-contestants who are majorly businesses capitalize on the frenzy. Influencers, especially on social media platforms, are equally not left out as Growing your Influencer Brand with Entertainment Shows Such as Big Brother Naija comes as a huge opportunity also.

For Big Businesses, placing an advert on the reality show is not enough. They come with nice exposure for your brand but will still require you going further with your strategy. As Linda Webb, an expert of the FraudDog TV show speaking about the impact of reality TV shows on brands states

“I think it does bring exposure, and helps get publicity, but not as much as one would think. You still need a strong public relations marketing firm, and constant SEO optimization, with social media interaction.”

We can see nothing replaces the active engagement of leads you seek to land for your brand or organization after much sought out advert placement on any of the reality TV shows. You must have an articulate SEO and social media campaign in place which can either be outsourced to the expert agencies in the industry or be managed in-house by the marketing and communications department. Whether you’re outsourcing or not, crafting well-managed campaigns to ensure your brand is shot to limelight during the show season cannot be overemphasized.

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