Binance Hack, CZ Suggest Blockchain Reorganization: Is another Bitcoin Fork Imminent? No.

Binance is hacked. Exchange of the Maverick CZ, CEO of Binance announced via a blog post titled "Binance Security Breach Update" that it had been a victim of a cyber attack which saw the exchange losing about 7000 btc worth about $40million at current market price. The hack which Binance ...
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Binance Announces Another IEO Less than a Week After It Was Hacked. Are Investors Confident?

Binance has announced through a tweet the next project to conduct an Initial Exchange Offering IEO on its Launchpad, Harmony Protocol. As typical of Binance gracing the ever-prowling media, it was recently in the news for a cyber attack which it reported over 7000 bitcoin stolen worth $40m. The ...
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At 58% Market Dominance, Bitcoin Sees Green with Altcoins having Red Fever.

The media in recent days because washed with the news of the Bitfinex IEO of $1 billion amidst it's several lingering scandals as well as the infamous Binance hack and the talk of the Bitcoin Blockchain Network Reorganization. While the CEO of Binance CZ later dropped the idea of reorganization, ...
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