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The Global Impact of 5G Technology

Think about this as a gamer, you’re competing virtually with another and it took you 100ms to pull your trigger while your opponent pulled his at just 1ms or another scenario where you are able to download files at approximately 1500MBps (megabyte per second) you will agree with me both scenarios have to do with speed and ability for your network to deliver result at an incredibly amazing pace.

Listening to the news making the rounds about 5G technology and how global superpowers seem to be very much concerned with their counterparts outwitting the other in the race for dominance for this generational shift in technology, it is quite clear the world and its several industries are about to see something more radical in the name of 5G.

5G stands for the fifth generation in the evolution of internet infrastructure. Like the earlier generation 2G, 3G, and 4G mobile networks, 5G networks are digital cellular networks,major advantage is that 5G networks achieve much higher data rates than previous cellular networks, up to 10 Gbit/s; which is faster than current cable internet, and 100 times faster than the previous cellular technology, 4G LTE. Another advantage is lower network latency (faster response time), below 1 ms (millisecond), compared with 30 – 70 ms for 4G. Because of the higher data rates, 5G networks will serve not just cellphones but are also envisioned as a general home and office networking provider, competing with wired internet providers like cable. Previous cellular networks provided low data rate internet access suitable for cell phones, but a cell tower could not economically provide enough bandwidth to serve as a general internet provider for home computers.

With Asia taking the lead in the launch of 5G technology and the West expressing concerns over a global powerhouse such as the People’s Republic of China’s topmost tech corporation the Huawei barred from accessing Western Markets, China seems to be exploring other markets boldly stating if the West closed its doors, there are still many other options to explore as stated by Huawei Chairman. The facts still remain that China was seen to have moved with urgency in this sphere and How China Outwitted the United States in 5G Technology leaves much to be desired.

No doubt the full launch of 5G will give businesses a new look. Some industry analysts estimate there will be nearly 21 billion internet-connected devices by the year 2020, more than three times as many as there were in 2016. That figure doesn’t just include phones, tablets, computers – devices such as home appliances, cars, dog collars, and many more are getting connected via the Internet of Things. The Impact of 5G Technology on Businesses is definitely worth paying attention to.

As is expected with every advancement in technology introduction, there are always the downside of any innovation which may arise as a result of a blind spot or present limitations that is constantly being explored to produce a superior version. With 4G LTE gradually being phased out and the ushering in of the superior technology, The Pros, and Cons of 5G Technology should, however, be investigated by most national governments and corporations before they consider upgrading their infrastructure to accommodate this new technology.

As the rest of the world continues to upgrade and integrate 5G technology in businesses, everyday life not excluding social and political interactions, Africa which has always been the last to adopt revolutionary technologies breeds a serious source of concern. Should Africa continue its snail pace in the adoption of disruptive technologies due to crippling regulations and lack of foresight and being rather reactive, questions such as How will Africa Look like if it Misses out of the 5G Technology Revolution are legitimate and should be answered now with time blasting off with full speed.

Whether any nation will maintain their dominance in international affairs has a lot to do with many such factors like your Military strength, advancement in Technology, number of allies etc. One thing is noticeable, with the advancement in surveillance and war strength capabilities, How 5G is redefining the Global Superpower Status is an area that has sparked up heated tensions between the dominance of the West and the impending over growing influence of their Eastern counterpart in China. The nations that will control the future outlook of the world are definitely not relenting in their efforts.